What I Listened To In Spring

It’s been a while since I happened upon my keyboard to type away my mind’s wanderings, I’ve missed it.

I come to the blog today to do one of my favourite things: share music! I recently wrote a post on Instagram about how I love to use music as a visualisation tool, to help put me in the mindset of someone who’s already reached their goals. Music helps to serve as the score to the show, shaping what I like to believe is my future reality. Recalling the very first time I listened to a particular song, thinking about how I felt, where I was and who I was with at the time is what keeps the story going for me.

Is that the soundtrack to when I reached the top of Mt. Batur in 2018? Maybe it’s walking through the streets of New York City on one of the hottest days I can remember. Ah, that’s the one from Leeds Festival that was playing out into the crowd before Knife Party took to the stage. Eee, now I hear that reminder of being rejected via proxy in Year 8 (Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’, in case you were wondering). The sweet sounds of that time we are all really happy watching your drone fly off into the distance. How millenial. Nevertheless, these were really good and hilarious times that I’m happy I have a song to anchor me to those moments.

There’s something really wonderful about sharing music with others, almost extending out a song’s symphonic branch to let it follow a new chapter of one’s life. I’d say “before I get too sentimental”, but I think I’ve launched beyond that already…

Basically, I want to use this seasonal opportunity to tell you about the songs I’ve been listening to this past Spring whilst sharing my Spotify playlist full of goodies. A lot has happened for me in the past few months, which has been the general consensus for the year, to be honest. But my music in Spring has followed that; starting on a high, going through a drag until finding a bit of peace. Below, I’m going to highlight my Top Five Tunes to keep an ear out for. They’re the ones that have been on constant repeat during these dewy months, the ones you’d love so much that you can recognise that ~one more listen~ will officially overplay the experience, so it’s time to give a break. Yagetme.

Black Coffee – Wish You Were Here (Ft. Msaki)
The first track that appears on my new ‘when I have a roof terrace’ playlist, which is a symbolic collection of songs that I want to listen to whenever I reach particular milestones in my life. One being, having a roof terrace in a property that I own. For the meantime though, I’ll enjoy bobbing and swaying around to this vibrant track for as long as the sun is willing to make an appearance.

George FitzGerald – Full Circle
This song I first listened to back in 2015 and I remember playing it to DEATH that summer. But, after buying my tickets to head to Lost Village Festival this summer and seeing that Fitz was making an appearance, ‘Full Circle’ made a welcome return to my library. I’ve never seen him play live before and can only imagine that the feeling of transcendence his music offers just from listening through my £12 headphones from Sainsbury’s will only be amplified in the Lincolnshire Woodland.

Tame Impala – Patience
I’d been waiting for Tame Impala to resurface with their psychedelic soundwaves for four years now, so when their aptly titled track “Patience” played out on the radio, it felt like an old friend.

Mac DeMarco – On The Level
I feel like Mr. DeMarco’s music suits any season, and I fully admit that I was WAY behind on the hype. Nevertheless, I’m glad his loose vocals found their way into my library at the start of April. Binge-listening practically every album, EP and song that’s been released, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve officially been Mac DeMarco’d.

Skinny Pelembe – I’ll Be On Your Mind
A friend from work introduced me to the moody, but sultry beats of Skinny Pelembe. Then, this song played out when I taught my very first yoga class during a charity yogathon and gave it much more meaning. Big love for this one.

And there you go! I’ve added in the full playlist below for you to follow, listen to and enjoy. Let me know which songs are your favourite and send through your own finds! I’d love to hear them.

A x

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