Twenty Something Conversations – EP 09: Life Isn’t All Hunky-Dory

In this episode, I spoke with photographer, support worker and mama to 8-year-old Malachi, Adina Lawrence. Adina first caught my eye because of her photojournalism final project at university titled “Black British” which saw black men and women styled and shot with pops of colour, as a creative mock to the commonly used racial slur ‘coloured’. What reeled me in was a recent video Adina uploaded on Instagram titled ’Stop being a bullshitter’, which unearthed the topic of being fooled by users on social media, but predominantly Instagram, that portrays a ‘perfect life’. After that, I became pretty desperate to get her on the show as this is a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss for a really long time. We spoke about how life isn’t all that it seems on social media and how it’s important to have a balance between transparency and awareness when finding yourself comparing your life to someone who seemingly has it all on social media. I love Adina’s frankness, boldness and accuracy in this discussion and learnt so much about her in such a short space of time. I really hope you enjoy this episode today as it was a total joy to do. As always please do leave a rating for the show if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts as it helps to get the Twenty Something’s word out to a wider audience!

Photo credit: Adina Lawrence (@adinalaw)

Intro/ad music: Kiran Kai – FF ft. Jordan Rakei & Bdrsk

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