Twenty Something Conversations – EP 07: Clothes Swapping in The Name Of Sustainable Fashion

On today’s show, I had a special sit down with five lovely ladies who had put together a clothes swap event in just two weeks, in aid of Labour Behind The Label. Labour Behind the Label is an organisation which campaigns for garment workers’ rights worldwide. They support their efforts to improve their working condition to ultimately change the fashion industry for the better. After an incredibly successful, what will now be, a quarterly event, I sat with Cathy, Charlie, Rose, Gabriella and Katrina post-clothes swap to fire through a few topics. From supporting sustainable fashion, to throwing together an event in just two weeks on a zero marketing budget, to collaborating with others to help bring it to the masses and even shifting the local communities perspective of the fashion industry – I’m so grateful that they all got to chat with me despite this being a spontaneous episode that I sprung on them just a few hours prior. I really hope you enjoy the show today as these are five of the most badass, big-thinking and passionate people I know, and the words that were said hold so much value in society today. 

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