Twenty Something Conversations – EP 05: Support Your Fellow Multi-Hyphenate

Today’s episode of Twenty Something Conversations welcomes Helen Taylor-Yates – Operations Director, Freelance Marketing & PR Consultant and Writer – what we call, a multi-hyphenate. We discussed all things career i.e. working a side hustle as well as your full-time gig, balancing multiple income streams, how millennials not only want better opportunities but are now demanding them, negotiating flexible working hours and so much more. Most importantly, we spoke about how to support those around you who seek insight, knowledge and tips on how to break out of societies traditional expectations of just working in one career for the rest of your life. Episode 5 is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

This episode was inspired by The Multi-Hyphenate Method by Emma Gannon which I am forever recommending to people. The book is the cheerleader you never knew you had if you’ve been toying with the idea of taking back control of your career, freedom and ultimately, your happiness.

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