Allow us to introduce you to NO POST ON SUNDAZZZE, an e-journal to land in your inbox each fortnight, providing a little dose of inspiration and encouragement to help you reach those goals.

Over here, we feel that the things we learnt in school were a disservice to our future selves i.e. the ones that wanted to take a project off the ground but didn’t know where or how to start, the ones who didn’t know how to love themselves and so constantly settled for mediocrity in their relationships, the ones who believed that school, university and one job for the rest of their lives was the only way forward… We decided that whilst we can’t change the world at once, we can definitely be your cheerleader on the sidelines by sending you fortnightly inspiration right into your inbox.

So what is it? Well, think of this as a scrapbook of insightful, savvy and uplifting materials sourced by us, for you – an e-journal that encourages you to start over from your crappy or unproductive week, support to pedal you along if you’re needing that extra push, a modern-spin on the traditional library to hand over some knowledge… However you see it, just know that every bit of NPOSzzz has been made with love for our subscribers.

In order to access this e-journal, we invite you to become a member. We’ve put together a membership that we believe is both fair in price and totally worth the NPOSzzz offering:

the ‘PART OF THE FAMILY’ membership – £11.99


  • A note from the editor introducing the theme of that week’s journal with some encouraging words here and there…
  • Knowledge is Magic: shared materials i.e. podcasts, blog posts, books, articles, that have driven our personal development for you to read or listen to.
  • Something Beautiful: a visual piece of inspiration either submitted by our readers or found by us i.e. an image or a piece of art.
  • The Sound of Sundazzze: a music mix curated by the NPOSzzz team featuring our favourite tracks of the past two weeks to serve as your own soundtrack of support.
  • The Multi-Hyphe Life/Creative People Doing Creative Sh*t: an alternating feature showcasing and celebrating either someone (or a few someone’s) making it as a multi-hyphenate or kicking ass at a creative venture.
  • A handwritten, hand-designed graphic with words of encouragement for you to take away/download/stick on your fridge for manifestation, affirmation and motivation.

*Price is a one-time payment to cover 6 months of membership and 12 e-journals.

We’re so excited to launch this unique platform to share good energy, open up the possibilities and upgrade our readers, for any and all that need it.

See you in your inbox!

Keep in mind: Once payment has been made for the ‘PART OF THE FAMILY’ membership, this fee is non-refundable. You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any point, but a pro-rated portion of your investment will not be returned. Feel free to contact us via for more info.

Payment notes: Pay via the PayPal ‘buy now with PAYPAL’ button below. Use that for payment and enter your email address via this page to subscribe. You will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm membership.