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What I Listened To In Spring

It’s been a while since I happened upon my keyboard to type away my mind’s wanderings, I’ve missed it. I come to the blog today to do one of my favourite things: share music! I recently wrote a post on Instagram about how I love to use music as a visualisation tool, to help put…


Co-hosting Women’s Moon Circles

I’ve been drawn to the energy of the moon since, on a full moon, my university housemates and I had a similar dream about someone breaking into our flat. During that same week, we were all feeling a little out of sorts; our emotions were running high, our course studies seemed to hold a heavier…


Let’s Welcome Autumn With Open Arms

Saying “goodbye” to summer never seems to be an easy task. It’s obvious why we love to relish in the months of barbeques, beaches and beer. But with the Full Harvest Moon last Tuesday came the Autumn Equinox, marking a new season. Yes, guys, we are officially in autumn. Please, do not panic.


Soul Food Breakfast Club

My sister Gabriella and I share a few loves. There’s yoga, which has been an integral part of our being for around six years, especially when Gabriella opened her holistic wellness centre in the summer of 2017. There’s food, an obvious staple in the Buxton household, as we’ve always enjoyed experimenting with new recipes to…


Six Months of Commuting & Couch-Surfing

This post is coming to you from the confines of a CrossCountry train seat. I’m sat next to a man that smells soggy and is drinking a Bud Light. It’s 8:30am. If I’m being honest, this is one of the only less-enjoyable train journeys I’ve taken from my hometown of Stoke to Manchester. Most of…