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What I Listened To In Spring

It’s been a while since I happened upon my keyboard to type away my mind’s wanderings, I’ve missed it. I come to the blog today to do one of my favourite things: share music! I recently wrote a post on Instagram about how I love to use music as a visualisation tool, to help put…


Twenty Something Conversations – EP 08: The Rise of The UpCycler

On today’s episode, I sat for a chat with vintage visionary Nat, of Magpie’s Vintage. We discussed the journey from a student of underwater photography in Cornwall to full time creative, upcycling and restoring furniture for eight years and counting. We spoke about the pits and peaks of working for yourself, and how the difficulty…


Twenty Something Conversations – EP 06: Finding Your Tribe & Letting Go of Those That No Longer Serve You

Twenty Something Conversations sat down with macrame maker and yogi shaper Cathy Tideswell of The Fringe Shop to talk about friendship. We explored how experiences in high school heavily influenced manifesting the wrong types of people into our lives and our mental health struggles that came with it. Ultimately, we celebrated our journey to finding…


Twenty Something Conversations – EP 05: Support Your Fellow Multi-Hyphenate

Today’s episode of Twenty Something Conversations welcomes Helen Taylor-Yates – Operations Director, Freelance Marketing & PR Consultant and Writer – what we call, a multi-hyphenate. We discussed all things career i.e. working a side hustle as well as your full-time gig, balancing multiple income streams, how millennials not only want better opportunities but are now…